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HI Q Porches can create a stylish entrance to your home and a great first impression.  It also has many more advantages:


- A Front porch provides a safe collecting point for posts and newspapers.

- It provides protection as you speak to unknown person at the door.

- Muddy boots and shoes can be kept in a porch so that your home's carpets and mats stay clean

- Coats or umbrellas can be neatly stored in porch leaving a clear, uncluttered hall as you step into your home after a hard day at work or after play.

- A porch will enhance the entrance to your home and can provide convenient space to store your everyday outdoor clothing and shoes whilst at the same time,keeping your home clean and tidy.


We recognise that every home and every family, has its own character and style so our front porches are created individually by HI Q Windows Ltd to meet the customer needs.  Our porch roofs are expertly constructed with the same skills as our conservatory roofs.  You can choose from a flat roof, tiled roof or a glass roof.  Brick porches are resilient and attractive because they make your home stand out.


The high quality windows and doors keep the weather out of your home and keeps the heat inside saving your money and keeping you snug and warm.


HI Q UPVC porches will never need repainting and are finished off with high-quality, expertly-fitted guttering to keep rainwater off your brickwork and keep your home looking beautiful.


Through the  years, HI Q Windows Ltd's specialist installers have created a range of porches from small and simple ones to grand imposing porches for large historic homes to modern new homes.


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