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HI Q WINDOWS LTD Frequently Asked Questions

Windows Installation FAQ's

Things to do for caring and maintaining your windows

No, there is no need for you to have to move out of your home during the commencement of work at your home.  Installation by HI Q WINDOWS LTD will be carried out quickly and hassle free so you will not need to move out.


Yes, you will be required to have removed your curtains, blinds or net curtains before the commencement of work as the installers will need clear space to get access to the windows.


Planning permisssion is not normally required for replacing your windows, however there are a few circumstances were it may be required.  In the event that you are wanting to replace windows of a listed building, or if the building is in a conservation area.


It's best to get advice for your home before carrying out any such works.


Normally when you have placed the order the windows and doors will go into production.  It can normally take upto 1-2 weeks before commencement of work.  HI Q Sales team will normally phone you to arrange a convenient installation date once they are ready for installation.

At HI Q WINDOWS LTD we have a wide range of colours, starting with the very popular White then Light Oak, Rosewood, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Irish Oak and many more.  Visit our showroom to find more colours.


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