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Safety and Security 

We offer the unique interal beaded system on all windows and doors which is an excellent security feature.  By having the beads on the inside of the windows and doors, it prevents anyone from getting into your home through the windows and doors.


Installation of glass is done from inside the home, this restricts potential burglers from just removing the beads from the outside and entering inside your home. 

By complying with the latest building regulations we ensure that toughened security glass is installed where it is required.  Toughened glass is a specially thermally treated glass which increases the strength of normal glass.


This type of toughening of the glass allows the glass to only break when put under extreme stress.  Unlike with normal glass which breaks into large pieces and is quite harmful, the toughened glass shatters into small granular pieces which reduces the risk of injury than compared to the normal glass.

Here at HI Q WINDOWS LTD we have the latest designs of composite doors.  Not only is every design unique, but they are extremely strong.


With thickness of 48mm much bigger than the average standard composite door.  Our solid Composite door is solid timber-core composite door making them a very good choice for security.

Our HI Security Doors are top of the range with extreme security.  If your looking for security then HI Q's HI Security door is the best option for you.  Check out the video below to see how secure this door is how it could help make your home very secure.

Our UPVC Doors have extra reinforcement in the panels.  Where normal upvc doors just have foam our UPVC doors have foam and plywood reinforcement making them a lot stronger than the average door.

High security door locks are available on our UPVC doors with 8 point locking system.  This is an excellent security feature.


Windows have the great espag lock system as standard.  There is also the option of having twin cam espag system with double security and the shootbolt system is also  available.



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