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Reasons to Replace  

Choose our HI Quality Energy Efficient windows and doors for your home.  With an installation from HI Q WINDOWS LTD you will be preserving more energy in your home resulting in lowered energy bills.

Your wooden windows may have started rotting away over the years due to rain and other bad weather.  Choose your HI Q WINDOWS LTD doors and windows and rest assured with our 10 years guarantee on discolouring of frames.



A new installation from HI Q WINDOWS LTD will help upgrade your home.  The double glazing unit has 2 glass pieces on either side of the window with an insulating spacer bar along with argon gas creating a high energy efficient window.

Compared to the single glass windows, the double glazed windows are 2 panes of glass resulting in better reduction of noise from the outside.  Sleeping will become much peaceful with the installation of your new HI Q doors and windows.

With a HI Q Installation you will be losing less heat from your windows, resulting in less usage of fuel.  If you use less fuel then you will be playing your part in helping to save the planet from carbon dioxide emmsions and thus leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

Every year we have extreme weather in the winter, making our homes feel very cold.  With HI Q WINDOWS LTD you will get highly energy efficient windows and doors, which will not only conserve the heat in your home but you will also feel a lot warmer.

A huge plus point when selling your home.  New windows installed is what all potential buyers are looking for be it  new home buyers or renters, everyone wants new attractive windows and doors and if they are installed by HI Q WINDOWS LTD it makes the home a lot more pleasant.  The value of your home will increase significantly, resulting in you being happy and your buyer.

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