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1. Firstly it is really important to choose the colour of your window.  The colour is a very important factor in choosing your window as it will help show your personality and choice to neighbours and affects your surrounding. You can either view the colour page we have available or you can visit our showroom.


2. Secondly it is important to go into each room of your home and decide what type of window style you would like.  To make things easier you can go to our windows style page and decide on the type of opening you would like to have.


3. Choose the right company by visiting the showrooms and seeing the products so you can get the Highest Quality products.  You can visit our showroom by visiting the contact us page.


4. Choose the company that you feel most comfortable with.


5. Speak to the company that you wish to deal with and discuss each window individually.  This advice may be on price, opening styles, colour, accessories and many other things.


6. You can then ask about the installation procedure and make arrangements accordingly.


If you wish to take advice on any of the above steps you are welcome to make a phone call to HI Q WINDOWS LTD to discuss the steps in more detail, where our dedicated staff will be willing to help you.

0800 1 123123