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Installation and Replacement Procedure

Installation and replacement just couldn't be easier, all you need to do is just make one phone call and we will take care of the rest.  We will send out our expert consultants who will be very happy to assist in going through your choices, looking at every window and door individually and giving you expert advice on what will be best for your home.


1. Our experienced installers would arrive on site.


2. Our Installers will check the site of installation and any health and safety issues.


3.They will measure the exisiting window that needs replacing and then check the new window that they have brought with them to see if it matches the same size.


4. The installers will then put dust sheets around the area where they are working.


5. The installers will then remove the old windows and doors.


6. The installers will then install the new windows and doors.

















7. Once the work has been completed, our installers will clean up the site where they had carried out the work and bring back any old windows that were removed or any doors that were removed.


8. When all the work has been completed the installers will check with the customer that the windows have been fitted and the customer is happy with the windows and doors.


Our aim is to keep all our customers happy through excellent workman ship and services.

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