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Naturally with HI Q products you have an extensive choice of colours, finishes and styles.  HI Q products will provide you durabilty, exclusive designs, good weather resistance and low maintenance of the HI Quality UPVC products.


HI Q French Doors offer a delightful and fascinating addition to your home or conservatory.  The extensive opening allows unrestricted access to your home as well as maximum ventilation and a practical entry into your garden.    


HI Q French Doors are supplied and fitted with toughened double glazed 28mm Planibel A glass units.  For our customers safety our French Doors and fitted with toughened glass as standard for security.  This ensures that the glass will shatter should an accident occur, this prevents formation of large sharp pieces of glass which can easily cut anyone.


With HI Q double French doors both sides can open, you can choose if you want them to open inwards or outwards, with a left or right hand master door.  


We offer beautiful French Doors that will give you more access to enter your home with.   


Have you ended up going to the shops and bought large furniture and can't work out how to bring it into your home?


Well the HI Q French Door is the right option for you.  Not only do you have 1 door to open, you have 2 doors to open allowing you to get in that furniture that was not just getting through the single front door.


The large panes of glass make your room inside brighten up with lots of natural light.  You can also add your own touch with having a unique design such as lead or georgian bars.


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