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Making the decision to change your windows and doors can be a very big decision as it is normally a very big investment.  In the first instance it may considered to be a very large investment, however it in the long run it does help save you money on energy bills.


To make your budgeting easier at HI Q WINDOWS Ltd we can help you work out your budget by sending out our trained sales team to give you a quotation.  It can be difficult to give prices as every home has its own number and size of windows, it is therefore reccommended that you can arrange for your accurate quotation.


It is normally advisable to see the products you are buying and also consider features such as quality and value and not just price.  This is your home and you definately want to make sure that you get the best products at the best value.


The HI Q Door's and Windows do help in paying back through the following means:


Our windows reduce glare and improve the natural light.

Reducing energy consumption.

It helps in solar heat gain during the cold seasons and reduces it in the warmer seasons.

During the winter seasons the windows help reduce draft and makes your home more comfortable.

You get years of easy operation and weather tight seals.

Reduces the noise as compared to single glazed windows.

Protected for 10 wonderful years against dicolouring of frames resulting in longer value of the windows for your home.

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