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Design and Decorating Tips 

Match your windows with your interior.  This homeowner has really nicely matched the windows with the paint surrounding the windows and the ceiling making the entire room brighter and bringing a peaceful feeling in the room.  The nice light shades of cream and green are enhancing the peaceful look to the entire room.


Very smartly the homeower has matched the floor lamp, mirror and cushions with the same colour of the windows.


The homeowner has not only gone for plain white windows but has also added a feature in the windows of having white georgian bars making the windows stand out.

The homeowner for this home has chosen the extraordinary grey coloured windows for the exterior.  The homeowener has created an excellent contrast with the grey windows and cream bricks.


The beautiful grey windows create an aluminium effect finish.  There is also the option of having wood grain effect on the windows if you prefer to get that special wood effect.


Earlier it was only possible to get coloured door's but now you have to option to get the matching door with matching windows.  

Choose our neutral cream colour to make your windows look warm and comfortable.  Neutral colours normally give a warm feeling and in the winter when its normally really cold your windows will help in creating harmony to your environment.  

Go for the extravagant bifolding door, with full glass panes making your room brigten up with so much natural light.  Easily sliding mechanism makes it wonderfully easy to use, no need to use any force on these wonderful upvc bi-folding doors.



The homeowner here has chosen a unique design of black windows.  The home design is very modern and by choosing black windows, a special feature has been created.  


The customer has choosen to make large windows with full glass panes to match with the bi-folding doors.  This has made all windows and doors look similar, thus allowing a lot of natural light entering the home along with preserving heat energy.

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